Pricing & Terms

Our current bareboat charter rates are set out in the table below. Prices are in £ (pounds sterling), for a one week charter:

Yacht Name Type High Season
(Charters in
May, June, July &
August 2019)
Low Season
(Charters in
other months during 2019)
Maximum Berths
(and maximum suggested)                     
see note 1
Usual changeover day

see note 2

Calico Moon Bavaria 46 Cruiser £2900 £2700

  10 (8)

Charter coded for up to 12, for day sailing.

Deja Vue Bavaria 46 Cruiser £2900 £2700   9 (8)
Aurora (see note 3) Beneteau Oceanis 411 £2400 £2250   10 (8) Saturday

Sun Odyssey 42i

£2450 £2300    8 (6) Saturday
Disk drive SunFizz 40 £2000 £1900    8 (6) Saturday
Zavaria (see note 3) Bavaria 35 Cruiser £1900 £1800    8 (6) Saturday
 Avocet (see note 3)  Bavaria 37 £1800  £1800   8 (6)  

Note 1: Berths: The table above shows in bold the total number of crew for which each boat is coded for charter. This is the crew number to which the boat's safety equipment is geared, and is therefore the maximum size for the charter party, including a skipper if you hire one.
The number of berths italics in the table is what we'd suggest as preferable for reasonable comfort on the boats. For example on Avocet it's perfectly comfortable to sleep 8 using her three large double cabins and the two full-sized single berths in her saloon – and she's fully coded and equipped to accommodate those 8 people if that's what you'd prefer; however over a cruise lasting say a week, we'd reckon that a party of 6 might come to appreciate the extra elbow room allowed by their only using 6 of those 8 berths.

Note 2: Changeover days: The days shown above are the preferred changeover days for weekly charters. Alternative days may be possible, for example for a shorter charter where available or when you'd like to book two boats together, say for a cruise in company. We will try to be flexible in meeting our clients' requirements; however the sooner you book, the greater our scope for flexibility!


Note 3: Seascape Scotland Yacht Charter Ltd: The yachts Aurora, Avocet, Disk Drive, Spectre, Deja Vue and Zavaria are now managed by our sister company, Seascape Scotland Yacht Charter Ltd. The pricing, terms and charter conditions offered by the two companies, are identical.

Skippered charters
Skippered charters are available on all of the yachts, typically out of Largs though other locations can sometimes be arranged.
Shorter period charters are often available - please check with us for pricing should you wish a skippered charter of less than a week - whether for one day or more.

Bareboat Charter Times
A week-long charter will nominally start at 15.00 hours on the first day and finish at 10.00 hours the last day. For week-long charters, yachts should ideally be back in their berth at Largs on the previous evening then refuelled and cleaned; and disembarked no later than 10.00 hours on the changeover day. Variations to these times may be possible by arrangement - we will always try our best to meet clients' preferences.

Weekend charters and other charters of less than one week 

Weekend and other short period charters are available on most of our yachts - typically during the low season months of April, September and October - but also occasionally during high season. Please contact us to check availability.
In low season - subject to availability - we'll be happy to arrange a 3 or 4 day charter at the same price as a 2 day charter - when we sell a weekend it's gone, so if you can use an extra day or two either side of that, it's okay by us! Please tell us what start/finish days and times would best suit you, and we'll do our best to help.

Booking deposits and balance payments
A booking deposit of 20% of the agreed total charter price is required to confirm your booking. On receipt of that deposit - which is non-refundable - we will reserve the yacht in your name for the agreed charter period.
The 80% balance of the agreed total charter price must be paid no later than 60 days before the agreed start date of the charter.

Security deposits
For bareboat charters, a minimum security deposit of £1000 per yacht must also be paid no later than 7 days before the agreed start date of the charter. The amount of the security deposit may be increased, subject to a maximum total security deposit of £2000 per yacht:
by up to £500 where (and please note that to do so will require the prior written agreement of Sailaway or the yacht's Owner) there is any intention that yacht should during the charter period either transit the Crinan Canal or sail south or west of the Mull of Kintyre;
by up to £500 where a cruising chute or spinnaker is hired with the yacht;
by up to £500 where (and please note that to do so will require the prior agreement of Sailaway at the time of booking) it is intended that the yacht should be raced during the charter.
For skippered charters the security deposit will usually be not more than £500.
The security deposit will be refunded promptly and in full - normally within 7 days of the completion of your charter - less any charges for fuel, repairs, damage or other losses.

Bank charges on international transfers - The charterer will pay all bank charges on international transfers.

Extras included with the charter price
Free berthing at Largs Yacht Haven for the duration of the charter, is included in the charter price for each yacht.
Each yacht will be provided with at least one full cooking gas container at the start of your charter - there is no charge to refill empty cooking gas containers at the end of your charter.
Access to the bar, catering and lounge facilities of Largs Sailing Club, for the duration of your charter.

Optional extras that you pay for
Sleeping bags and bedding sets - can be hired, booked in advance and paid when you collect them from us.
Waterproof sailing gear – jacket, trousers and boots can be hired - again through prior arrangement please - and paid for on your arrival at Largs.
Cleaning - we expect you to return the yacht to us in as clean and tidy a condition as you found it at the start of your charter. If you prefer not to thoroughly clean it at the end of your charter (in which case you should please inform us of this before you depart) then we will arrange for the yacht to be cleaned on its return and deduct the cost of that from your security deposit.
Refuelling – unless otherwise agreed between us we will hand over the yacht to you with a full fuel tank, and expect you to refill the fuel tank at your expense, on your return to Largs. If you prefer not to do this then we will have the boat re-fuelled and deduct the cost of fuel from your security deposit, together with a £40 boat handling charge (this handling charge will not be applied where exceptional circumstances or difficult weather conditions have prevented you from refuelling the yacht.) 

A local skipper can be hired with the yacht, whether for all or part of your cruise, typically at a cost of circa £120 per day.

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